Body Piercing Prices – What to Expect

Body piercing is a popular method of personal expression, and lots of people are interested in getting piercings of their own. However, on first glance, body piercing prices can look pretty high. If you’re wondering why it costs so much for just a few minutes of work, or whether it’s a good idea to bargain for a cheaper price, here’s some information to help you.First, you should realize that body piercing is a trained skill. So, when you’re getting a piercing, you’re not just paying for the time it takes to pierce you. You’re also paying for the piercer’s training and skills. That’s why a better piercer costs more. It’s also why bargain shopping is a bad idea when it comes to body modification.While some lucky people do manage to get a piercing that works at the mall jewelry store or a sketchy piercing shop, the risk is too high to be worth it. The procedures used in these places aren’t safe, and you don’t have a guarantee that things are properly sterilized. That means you’re risking trauma to the area, a nasty infection, and scarring.If you don’t have the money for the piercing you want, you have two basic options. You can wait a while, and save up. This has the advantage of helping you decide whether or not you really want that particular mod – if you’re still interested after saving the money, you’ll know this is the piercing for you. The other option is to get a similar, but less expensive piercing, or to get a different one entirely.Body piercing pricing is based on the difficulty of the mod in question. In general, the least expensive body piercing prices will be on the safest, easiest piercings. Earlobes are the cheapest and easiest to heal, and may be a good choice if you’ve never been pierced before. Some ear cartilage piercings are also relatively inexpensive, but healing is more complicated. Eyebrow, nostril, and lip piercings are also relatively inexpensive.If what you want is a difficult task, however, body piercing prices will go up. Expect to pay thirty to fifty dollars for less expensive piercings, but more than a hundred for a multi-spiral cartilage piercing. Genital piercings are also usually costly.If you’re thinking about bargaining with your piercer, you should know that it’s not impossible. However, you should also remember that your piercer is a trained professional (or should be). That means that you shouldn’t insult him or her with an absurdly low price. If you’re planning to get multiple piercings, you may receive a discount on them, or, if you’re also a professional, you may be able to trade artwork or other services for your body modifications.People with very good relationships with their piercers may even be able to offer gifts instead of cash. Don’t think of your piercer like a discount store, however – it’s bad practice. Also, never skimp on the tip to save money. Your piercer isn’t receiving the money you pay – instead, he or she gets a percentage of what the studio takes. Usually, this is a lot lower than your piercing price, so your tip is appreciated. In general, if you want a good piercing, be willing to pay for it, or wait until you can. Bargain hunting could have serious consequences